The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ’s Political Bureau of the Central Committee held a meeting on September 9th to study the report at CCP’s 20th Congress. The report includes proposals to amend the party’s charter.

CCP’s mouthpiece, Xinhua News Agency, reported that the meeting agreed that CCP’s 20th Congress should implement plans under the fierce leadership of the Central Committee and leader Xi Jinping.

Chinese-American scholar Hu Ping told Da Ji Yuan on September 9th that the meeting’s statement at this point meant that Xi obviously must be re-elected as General Secretary at CCP’s 20 Congress.

Hu Ping said that “Xi Jinping thought” may be included in the CCP’s resolution during this congress. If this happens, Xi will achieve the same level as Mao Zedong, and after the CCP’s 20th Congress, Xi’s power will be further expanded.

Chen Kuide, said that if the 20th Congress approved replacing the title of general secretary with party chairman, Xi Jinping would likely rule for life, like Mao.

However, Chen told Da Ji Yuan on September 9th that although this meeting seems to have strengthened the possibility of Xi Jinping’s victory, it cannot guarantee that he will be re-elected.

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