The Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s 20th National Congress has determined that China’s development goal in the near future is to become a trading power.

However, according to Da Ji Yuan, experts point out that it is difficult for the CCP to achieve this goal because of inadequate and conflicting policies. At the same time, this ambition also reveals the biggest fear of the power ruling in China.

To turn China into a “trading power,” the 20th National Congress has determined what needs to be done in the next term, which includes opening up and maintaining the party’s current economic model.

Expert Wang He pointed out that the CCP wants to open the door but doesn’t want to give up control over everything. When control is needed, CCP reverses everything it had allowed to do before.

Xie Tian, a professor at the Aiken School of Business, said that CCP applies economic theories based on its ideology and wants to export them to the world.

But these are ineffective and not recognized by the international community. This reflects that the CCP is trapped and faces the onslaught of the world.

Taiwanese financial expert Huang Shicong said that CCP always says one thing and does another. They say they are open but refuse to give up the zero-COVID policy based on lockdown.

Wang He says that to develop into a trading powerhouse, China needs to import several key technologies and products. So the CCP is really afraid of decoupling from the U.S. and European economies.

Huang Shicong believes that the West is ready to decouple from China. The U.S. and the world community are working very hard to isolate the CCP. So, the CCP can hardly stop this trend.

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