On Monday, October 17, Xiao Pei , deputy secretary of the Communist Party of China’s Commission for Inspection and Discipline, reported on anti-corruption achievements at the 20th national congress. 

He said around 5 million members were investigated for corruption over the past ten years. Among them, 207,000 officials at all levels were punished by the national discipline inspection and supervision organs.

Xiao Pei said they are looking to come up with more severe measures to continue the crackdown on corruption among party leaders.

Since he took power, one of the central policies of Chinese leader Xi Jinping was the anti-corruption campaign. It is considered a way to strengthen his political power.

 Xi also said in a televised speech on Monday, “The next five years will be crucial.” The leader added that the CCP is firmly working to “rejuvenate the Chinese nation.”

In the last round of purges before the 20th Communist Party of China Congress, the regime successively punished former high-ranking officials in the state apparatus, such as Sun Lijun, the former Vice Minister of Public Security; Fu Zhenghua, the former Minister of Justice; Liu Yanping, the former Deputy Minister of Public Security and the Secretary of the Discipline Inspection of the Ministry of National Security; and many other members of the “Sun Lijun Political Gang.”

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