Despite the approaching renewal of the agreement between the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and the Vatican, which honestly has nothing to do with religion and is more of a political act by the pope, the CCP continues its policy of Sinicizing (doing things more Chinese) Christianity, and recently the website Bitter Winter, a major advocate for religious freedom in China, published a series of reports on how Chinese authorities are replacing the crosses on churches’ seals with the star of the communist symbol.

Last July, using a huge crane, Lanling County officials pulled down the crosses of several churches in the town of Dazhongcun. These churches were “approved” by CCP. The authorities met with the pastors of these churches to warn them that if anyone tried to protest the measure, the churches would be completely demolished.

During the operation, one of the town’s officials told residents that “crosses must be removed from all churches because Christianity does not belong in China.” 

“The number of believers is growing, which could turn into a serious force,” a Linyi city official said. “That’s why authorities want to stifle the development of Christianity.”

According to reports, the United Front Work Department is in charge of carrying out Xi Jinping’s Sinicization policy.

In August, the two Chinese Christian councils in a county administered by Jiujiang City in Jiangxi Province ordered their more than 70 member churches to remove the cross from their official seals and replace it with the five-pointed star, and in early September the United Front Work Department ordered the churches to remove the ideograms of ‘Christianity’ from their seals. 

“All official churches were ordered to replace their seals so that believers accept the Party as the main leader and follow only it,” a Three-Self Church venue director from Jiujiang said.

“The state is removing crosses, alters church seals, and censors hymnbooks. What is next?” a believer complained. “This is a disguised way to eradicate our faith.”

But it is far from a disguised way, it is open and began in 1949 when the Chinese Communist Party displaced the Kuomintang and took over mainland China.

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