The Chinese internet is spreading the story of a person claiming to be a CCP member with over 20 years in the Party, residing in Wuhan city, Hubei province, China declaring that “if you don’t lift the lockdown, I will blow up the apartment building.”

On November 5, a netizen whose Twitter account is “Mr. Li is not your teacher” posted a video saying, “An elderly man in an apartment complex in Wuhan shared in a group that he will blow up the building with gas if the lockdown is not lifted. The situation is still unclear at the moment.”

A man named Zhijun in the “K1-21” group chat angrily declared, “The apartment management, listen, I have lived enough, if you continue the lockdown, I will turn on the gas and blow up the whole building, do you believe it?”

A conversation started with someone asking the elderly gentleman what the problem was. He said that he just didn’t want to live any more. He was old and he was going to kill himself.He said that he had opened the gas and was going to take everyone in the building with him.

The man said that he was giving everyone 20 minutes on all 21 floors. He wanted everyone to leave their apartments and go down stairs and break the lockdown.

People were frightened and they tried to talk him out of it. But the elderly man felt desperate with no other way out.

Vision Times quoted comments from some netizens.

One person said, “A longtime Party member, over 20 years, still doesn’t understand the nature of that Party.”

“This crazy pandemic policy can really drive people crazy!”

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