Chinese state-run media ignored Xi Jinping in a propaganda article praising the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on December 9th.

The piece entitled “Reform and Opening is the great awakening of the China Communist Party” was reposted on prominent news agencies in mainland China such as the People’s Daily and Qiu Shi.

According to Vision Times, the 4000-word report hailed CCP’s former leaders such as Deng Xiaoping, Hu Jintao, and Jiang Zemin for their policies. However, Xi’s name was not mentioned.

Hong Kong-based news analyst Lin Heli commented that some officials had lost their support for Xi over his controversial economic, international affairs, and political reforms.

The Liberation Army newspaper did not publish this article, indicating that the military did not take sides. Xi Jinping remains influential in controlling the military.

Current affairs commentator Chen Pokong said these articles were distinctive in a way that they ignored Xi’s sixth plenary session of the 19th Central Committee speech on what the CCP has achieved over the past 100 years. Xi’s ten proposals for future development did not mention reform or opening up.

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