Cybersecurity experts say they have found evidence that the Chinese communist regime uses spyware to collect the locations and data on Uyghurs.

According to AFP, Lookout, a San Francisco-based cybersecurity company, released a report on November 11 saying that since 2018, the regime has supported two spy apps for Uyghurs. These applications are available on the Android operating system.

These apps provide utilities related to dictionaries, religious practices, maps, and information sharing. They are all downloaded from third-party app stores or shared on Telegram’s Uyghur channel.

These apps allow hackers to collect sensitive information about users, such as location, contacts, call logs, text messages, and files. In addition, Uyghurs are also at risk of being photographed and having their calls recorded.

Lookout’s report said these apps primarily target Uyghurs in China. However, there is also evidence that the regime is targeting a broader audience, including Muslims and Uyghurs living in other countries, such as Turkey or Afghanistan.

The CCP has been accused of building a dense surveillance system with cameras in Xinjiang to tighten control over Uyghurs and other ethnic groups that allegedly don’t support the Chinese Communist Party.

Besides, millions of Uyghurs have been detained in concentration camps by the CCP for brainwashing. Those who disobeyed the CCP’s orders are subjected to brutal acts of torture and humiliation.

A recent United Nations report has indicated that the regime’s repressive human rights practices in Xinjiang may constitute crimes against humanity.
The United States government, several politicians, and organizers in Western countries also stated that the communist regime’s crimes in Xinjiang are tantamount to acts of genocide.

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