According to Da Ji Yuan, the closer it gets to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ’s 20th National Congress, the tighter the CCP’s cybersecurity force controls the content shared on the Internet.

Words or images suspected of mocking or attacking the CCP are immediately censored. Da Ji Yuan quoted netizens as saying that some censorship is so strict that it is unreasonable.

The Weibo account “@humblyhouye” posted a comment about the weather, saying, “It’s starting to change … a storm is coming.” The censors deleted this post immediately.

The Weibo account “@MORNING good morning” posted an image of a person on the beach doing a movement like mopping the floor, with the caption “Endless stupidity.” This image has been shared 19,000 times and has 50,000 likes.

But recently, this post has been set to “hide comments” mode because it is said to be a satire of the CCP’s “zero-COVID” policy.

Posts related to the image of “bear” or words or phrases about “bear” are also strictly censored. Because “bear” reminds people of Xi Jinping’s nickname “Winnie the Pooh.”

One netizen discovered that Weibo currently does not even allow the use of the smiley emoji “Haha” in comments because it makes people think it’s an act of mocking the CCP.

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