The New York Times reported that since the COVID outbreak in China until now, the Chinese regime has created about 120 slogans.

These slogans attempt to make people unopposed to the “zero-COVID” policy of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

For example, the CCP avoids mentioning “lockdown” in its slogans. Instead, they replaced the word with “static management,” “silence,” or “working from home.”

Some other slogans try to boost the morale of all, but it is not difficult to realize that the goal is still to make people and all resources in society support the CCP’s “Zero-COVID” policy.

Such slogans include “We have won the great battle against COVID!” “History will remember those who contributed!” and “Extinguish every outbreak!”

Commenting on the slogans that the CCP used to promote its “zero-COVID” policy, Xiao Qiang, the founder of a website that documents Chinese censorship, said that “The [Chinese] government embellished policies with political rhetoric, aiming to mitigate fallout.”

Xia added that Chinese authorities avoid mentioning the word “lockdown” because they want people to continue to follow draconian anti-pandemic measures without feeling panic or discontent.

Xia continued the authorities have made the policy wording “ambiguous and awkward,” leading people to confusion and frustration.

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