In order to keep absolute security for the 20th National Congress, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been managing down to the smallest detail.

Recently, people shared on the internet that the CCP had restricted the spread on Chinese social media of products with dialogues, comments, and conversations in Cantonese.

Some residents who tried to record Cantonese with Tik Tok were warned by this social network that if they tried to record in an unrecognized language, their accounts would be deleted.

VOA cited the “Cantonese Liangzai Feng Shao” social media account, which has 4 million followers, saying that Cantonese has more than 100 million users, more than the population of many countries around the world.

Commenting on the reason why the Chinese government restricts Cantonese, some netizens believe that it is because this language is difficult to recognize by AI. 

A netizen named Huang Yongxiang said that Cantonese has many words that are difficult to identify. With current technology, it is almost impossible.

This is what CCP officials are worried about because they cannot control sensitive keywords spoken in Cantonese as the 20th National Congress approaches.

Liao Jianhao, a human rights activist, believes that Cantonese is being suppressed. The mandate is to learn Mandarin in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province.

According to VOA, for a long time after China opened up, Cantonese was considered the dominant language of Chinese popular culture.

Liao Jianhao said that Tik Tok definitely hit the space and creative freedom of Cantonese culture followers.

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