In just three days, November 4-7, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) purged five senior officials at the provincial and ministry levels. 

Observers predict this could be the starting point of a large-scale internal purge campaign by the CCP under Xi Jinping’s third term.

NTD reported that on November 7, the official website of the Chinese Supreme People’s Procuratorate announced that Hu Yifeng, former party secretary and head of the High Court of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, had been arrested on charges of accepting bribes.

On November 5, Song Xibin, former deputy head of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress, Heilongjiang Province, and Cao Guangjing, former deputy governor of Hubei Province, were arrested.

One day earlier, Zhang Bencai, the former chief prosecutor of the Shanghai Municipal Procuratorate, and Li Guohua, the former general manager of China Unicom, were arrested.

Commenting on the CCP’s latest purge event, Dr. Zhang Tianliang suggested that CCP’s general secretary, Xi Jinping, could be targeting three goals.

First, Xi wants to purge the worms to try to retain Chinese faith in the CCP, thereby prolonging the life of this condemned organization.

Second, Xi wants to tweak the CCP to prepare for a situation where the organization, when isolated by the world, can “survive on its own.”

Third, Xi may be preparing to invade Taiwan. So he needs to get rid of the dissidents in the CCP.

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