The National Association of Scholars (NAS) revealed that the College Board, the entity that regulates college admissions exams (SAT) received large sums of money from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and allowed it strategic access to K-12 schools.

The College Board, which also sponsored the intervention of the Confucius Institutes in the K-12 system, served as a recruiter for CCP programs and helped it design and gain control over the training of American teachers, according to the Sept. 10 report.

“China has been especially aggressive in seeking Western partners who can lend to the Chinese government [the CCP] a veneer of credibility and respectability, and the College Board has received those offers with open arms,” said Rachelle Peterson, the NAS scholar responsible for the report, according to The Washington Free Beacon of Sept. 14.

The partnership between the College Board and the CCP began in 2003, and through the CCP agency Hanban they established about 20 classrooms of the Confucius Institute and placed a  CCP propaganda organ in critical centers of the public school system.

For several U.S. legislators, the CCP uses the Confucius Institutes to promote propaganda among the next generation of American youth.

As part of its propaganda strategy, the CCP prevents the teachers from discussing sensitive issues such as the human rights atrocities committed in China against ethnic minorities and against freedom of religious practice, which occur in areas including Xinjiang, Tibet.

The first contribution of CCP money to the College Board in 2003 was $685,000, and since then the partnership has deepened.

In 2014, College Board CEO David Coleman referred to Hanban as the “sun” that “lights the path to developing Chinese teaching in the U.S.”

The impact of the CCP through the Confucius Institutes has been such that the State Department designated them as Chinese foreign missions, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo referred to them.

The Confucius Institutes are “an entity that promotes global propaganda and Beijing’s campaign of evil influence on U.S. campuses and K-12 classrooms,” Pompeo said in an Aug. 13 statement.

Later, in an interview published on Sept. 1, Pompeo explained that the Confucius Institutes were financed by the CCP and were deeply involved in espionage activities within US universities, including introducing spies and collaborators into the academy. “I think everyone is coming to see the risk associated with them,” Pompeo said.

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