The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) former general secretary Hu Jintao was forcibly removed from the closing ceremony of its 20th Congress. The incident continues to attract attention.

Vision Times cited writer Yan Chungou pointing out the CCP’s dark nature behind Hu being mistreated by his junior comrades.

From the widely shared clip, observers said that Hu was expelled from the important ceremony for trying to open the document to find something.

When Hu was dragged away, nearly all of the senior CCP officials present in the hall showed a state of indifference, as if nothing was happening.

According to Yan, this action shows the party character of CCP members.

Party character is shown via activity that, in the face of things that may affect the party’s survival, members of the CCP will act decisively and without humanity.

During the Cultural Revolution, to present loyalty to the party, many members of the CCP denounced their relatives as bourgeois, landowners, or mandarins, whom the CCP thought might turn against them.

The case of Bo Xilai, former Party Secretary of Chongqing, is an example. Bo Xilai kicked his father, Bo Yibo, in the ribs to express his hatred for those the party blacklisted, demonstrating his loyalty to the CCP.

Yan also pointed out the pity of CCP’s members. Yan said that, before brainwashing Chinese people to cause them to believe in communist atheism, the CCP brainwashed its members so that they, when required, would throw away their humanity and replace it with party character and do what the party needed.

The writers said many Chinese people have awakened and begun to abandon the party. 

More than 400 million people have announced their abandonment of the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

The wave of Chinese fleeing abroad reportedly increased after the CCP’s 20th Congress.

The famous director Zhang Yimou is among the Chinese who chose to settle abroad. 

His wife Yan said that Zhang is intelligent because he foresaw bad things when living with the CCP for a long time.

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