Recently, in a cave on a cliff in Luzhou, Sichuan, people found traces of mysterious people living there. It caused a stir among netizens, and many conjectures about the possible occupants have been made.

One video shows two small solar panels in the cave, a simple bed, a hanger, kiwi fruit, and other items.

Based on these items, it can be surmised that only one or very few people have lived in this cave.

According to Da Ji Yuan’s report, a few days ago, an employee of the local electricity industry was using a drone to survey the power lines on the mountain and accidentally discovered the cave.

On September 18, local police, firefighters, and other responsible people went to the cave to investigate.

According to local police, the cave is very remote, with no easy access. Therefore, it is difficult for an ordinary person to climb. Furthermore, as of September 22, the owner of the items in the cave has not yet been found.

According to a resident named Hu, the cave is over 330 feet (100 m) above ground level, on a cliff that makes access to it difficult.

On the afternoon of September 21, after nearly two hours of difficult and dangerous climbing, Hu reached the cave.

Inside the cave, he did not see kiwi fruits like in the video shared on the internet. So he assumed that the mysterious people living in the cave or someone else ate the kiwi fruit or took it away.

This story has attracted the attention of netizens. Many people speculate that cave dwellers may be enthusiasts living in the wild.

Some netizens think that the mysterious people could be wanted criminals.

While others believe the mysterious people could be cultivators, just like the cultivators known in history that chose remote places to practice their particular discipline.

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