According to VOA, former political lecturer of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Cai Xia recently wrote a propaganda article in English for CCP’s national 20th Congress. The article said Xi Jinping is finding a third term as ‘President.’

Guo Danqing, a professor at The George Washington University Law School, said it was a mistake for some foreign newspapers to reprint Cai Xia’s article and use the “President” designation for Xi Jinping. 

According to Guo, this accepts the concept that the CCP’s media system is trying to propagate that Xi Jinping is the head of state instead of just the general secretary of the CCP.  

Guo added that the CCP propaganda system is deliberately making people forget about the CCP’s manipulation of China. And the state in China is essentially a “party state,” with the military and all organs subject to the party.

Sharing Guo’s opinion, China expert Victor H. Mair told VOA that the CCP’s external propaganda system clearly doesn’t want foreigners to understand the CCP’s actual activities in China.

According to The book Nine commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party, the CCP always seeks to confuse China and the CCP and propagate that loving the CCP is patriotic and vice versa. This is to make the Chinese feel guilty for not loving CCP.

The CCP also always puts the word “people” beside its organizations and forces people to think those organizations are serving the people.

For example, CCP combines the word “people” with the noun “liberation army” to become “People’s Liberation Army” or combines the word “people” with the “Committee” to become “the People’s Committee.” However, these agencies all belong to the CCP and serve the CCP.
The former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has mentioned this many times; he pointed out that CCP and China are distinct entities.

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