Recently, the scandal of flies in students’ lunches brought back the lack of food hygiene in the cafeteria of a high school in China into the spotlight. This discovery aroused the anger of parents. One mother asked how could children be expected to eat this food with confidence?

Chinese mainland media outlets reported that on September 23, parents reported finding flies crawling into the food at the back of this school cafeteria.

The video shows a group of people in the school cafeteria. 

A woman picks up a piece of stuffed tofu in a bowl with many kinds of steamed food. According to Chinese media, hair is the basis of these buns.

The video also shows many garbage cans filled with vegetables.

Although Chinese media report bite marks on the steamed buns, parents suspect the school gave the students recycled steamed buns to eat. 

One student reported that the school did not process the meat a second time. There was hair on the meat, and the plates were full of flies.

Witnesses also said the pots and pans were greasy, and the eggs used for breakfast smelled bad.

Staff from the Cao Dai District Education Department said they had joined the Market Supervision Department at the scene to investigate and limit the reorganization of the school cafeteria to two days.

On social media, people called for the person responsible for the incident to be punished.

Another said it would be safer for the students to eat the same as the principal.

One said he hoped the authorities would carry out real controls and supervision instead of pretending to do them after a scandal breaks out.

Many felt nauseous upon learning of the situation. One netizen commented that, in this modern age, food is far from its original nature, highly processed.

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