8 dead, 21 injured in a car accident in Shaanxi

According to Chinese media, a serious car accident on October 1 on a highway in Shaanxi caused at least eight deaths and 21 injuries.

On October 2, the Yan’an Traffic Police in Shaanxi Province issued a notice saying that the accident happened at 2 p.m. on October 1. The bus driver, Hui Mubin, 51, from Yulin City, had 33 passengers on the bus. The bus got into an accident at Xiyang highway when it slid sideways and rolled over. The accident caused the death of eight people, and 21 were injured. The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Photos posted online show that the bus is badly damaged at the front. And there was a lot of debris on the road due to the bus’s shattered windows. 

The accident has become a hot topic search on Baidu. Many people left messages expressing their sadness at such a severe accident on the first day of the National Day holiday. 

COVID pandemic raging in Hohhot, crows are flying above the hospital

Hohhot City of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control on October 3. They released a statement saying that as of midnight on October 2, there have been more than 100 positive COVID infections in the City, and the number of medium and high-risk areas has increased to 39.

According to Chinese media, Sun Shaocheng, secretary of the Inner Mongolia District Party Committee, presided over a meeting of the leading group for epidemic prevention and control in Hohhot. He asked anti-epidemic forces to take all measures to quickly prevent the COVID pandemic from spreading to Beijing and achieve the goal of “zero-COVID.”

Authorities sent an internal notice to the people of Hohhot city asking them to stop all unnecessary business and production activities and stay at home. Additionally, the highway crossing in Hohhot City is closed, and most vehicles are not allowed to enter or exit.

The strict action on the Nation holiday of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has worried many people. They became even more scared when netizens shared a video showing a flock of crows screaming non-stop and flying in the sky of the Inner Mongolia Medical University Hospital. According to ancient beliefs, they often bring bad things because they appear in areas with dead bodies.

 Hubei: truck caught fire, and nearly 100 pigs were roasted alive

According to Chinese media reports, a truck full of pigs suddenly caught fire for unknown reasons in Xiangyang, Hubei, on October 2.

Videos on the internet showed that the front of the truck was severely burned. As a result of the fire, many pigs got burned to death. Some were lying on the ground, although some escaped. With the current price of pork, the estimated damage is at least $14,000 (100,000 yuan).

China has issued a drought warning for 45 days in a row

China is facing an extreme weather phenomenon this year. While a strong cold air wave is forecast to hit the North and Central regions from October 2 to 6 with temperatures that can drop by up to 18°C (64.4°F), nine other provinces are forecast to have high temperatures, in some places up to 40°C (104°F).

Low rainfall and prolonged heat have caused the southern region of China to suffer a rare severe drought in October. The above situation has prompted the country to issue an orange drought warning on October 2—the second most serious level after red.
Monitoring data on the same day by the China Central Meteorological Station shows that 12 provinces and cities in the country are currently experiencing moderate to severe drought.Drought conditions are particularly harsh in Anhui, Hubei, Fujian, Jiangxi, and Hunan. It is also the 45th day in a row China has issued a drought warning.

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