In Henan, China, an elementary school organized a “brick scraping” activity for students on the weekend. Each student received 5 cents per scraped brick.

“Brick scraping” means to scrape away the left-over cement layer on used bricks for reuse.

A 5th grader earned $1.70 after scraping 220 bricks. The student later cried out loud that his back was painful.

Wu Yinghua, The school’s Dean, explained that because the wall on the west side of the school had recently collapsed, he wanted to use the old bricks.

The Dean said that the 5 cents per brick was based on the market price. So, in total, $23 was paid to the students.

On the other hand, Wu also wanted the students to acknowledge the hardship of earning money through manual labor.

The news has sparked heated online discussions. Some worried for the students’ safety, while others suggested putting the Dean under investigation since he did not provide the students with protective gear.

A commenter wrote this seems like a labor camp.

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