Shanghai: police allegedly collect fines with QR code for personal payment

This video reveals how traffic police collect illegal fines in Shanghai. 

On July 23, an angry policeman asked a driver to get out of the electric bike and pay a fine. The citizen zoomed in on the police uniform number and said that the policeman was asking him to pay a fine but gave him a QR code for personal payment. 

The citizen replied, “Why don’t you give me the QR code of the authorities?” The police explained, “I don’t have an official code; here, I have an invoice I can complete for you, and I will pay the fine to my superiors.” 

Then the driver said he would only pay through an official QR code; the policeman replied, “You don’t need to ask anymore; if you don’t want to, pay the fine in cash.” 

The driver said he didn’t have any cash, and the policeman who was holding the electric bike said he could only go after he had paid the fine.

According to Sina, this way of fine collection is a problem, and the penalty enforcement procedures are not legal: law enforcement officials have only the responsibility to issue bills, not to touch the cash of fines.

Hubei: Boy fell from a suspension bridge into the valley

A video spread on the Chinese media showed a breathtaking situation.

A boy in a white T-shirt got hung under the suspension bridge while practicing extreme sports in Enshi Dixin Valley, Hubei Province, on July 22. The boy was pulling the safety rope with both hands, and the staff tried to pull him up. He shouted, “Hold on, hold on, young man, hold on!”. However, the boy’s clothing came off, and he fell straight down into the valley, while people’s exclamations could be heard.

According to the Chinese  Global network, the boy is not in serious condition and is under observation in the hospital. The reason for the accident is being investigated.

New Tang Dynasty TV reported that internet users criticized the safety of the scenic spot: “There is no pocket net. The safety rope for this kind of entertainment should go around the crotch, otherwise it will slide straight down from the center as in the accident in the video.”

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