Tokyo Sakura Video Group posted a video to show a border fence of barbed wire at the junction of Shanghai and Zhejiang on May 16. It serves as the protective wall between these regions for epidemic control.

The wall is all bayonet-like on top with sharp blades and a height of about 4 meters.

As described by the reporter, it is impossible for people to go over it. Even those walls built during the war against Japan were never so secure.

Shanghai residents are beginning to feel boxed in, and there are a lot of requirements to leave the city at present.

The certificate stamped by the relevant unit must be valid within 6 hours from issuance. It must indicate the identity information of the driver and accompanying people, vehicle information, and the expected route.

A negative nucleic acid test certificate valid within 24 hours is needed for a citizen to pass directly. If the validity is between 24 and 48 hours, a negative antigen test certificate valid within 24 hours must be added.

There is no way for the homeless people wandering in Shanghai for many days to obtain a certificate to leave Shanghai.

According to the police on duty at the scene, escapees from Shanghai have mainly been migrant workers. Under strict lockdowns, some workers have no source of income and are experiencing harsh conditions in life. Therefore, they hope to go back home first and then find a way.

Although the relevant departments have previously announced the policy of leaving Shanghai, many people fail to meet the given requirements and cannot escape. It is clear why such a tight protective wall has been built.

Now, let’s look at some responses from netizens.

A netizen, Mi yanzhon (眯眼中Mī yǎnzhōn), jokes about how safe this protection is. We must quickly give thanks to the party and the government.

Another netizen states that provinces have become independent.

One simply adds “Les Miserables.”

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