This woman is standing on an outdoor condenser. In her Henan accent, she yelled that the bodies of Foxconn workers were tossed into the garbage. 

There is no telling which building the woman was in or precisely who she was. But most of those who watched the footage believe she could be one of the Foxconn workers in Zhengzhou city, which has a workforce of around 200,000 people. 

Foxconn is Apple’s largest iPhone assembler. The COVID outbreak in its Zhengzhou plant in China’s central province, Henan , has recently been under the spotlight. It first began with workers’ online complaints of food and medical shortages. Then on October 30, multiple media reported people were fleeing the sprawling campus, with some having walked 25 miles to avoid the pandemic curbs.

While footage of the yelling woman only appeared on the internet on November 5, this has not been the first video that suggested deaths from the facility.

Let’s look at this footage, which surfaced around November 1.

This scene features a person in a hazmat suit trying to move an unconscious person lying among a pile of garbage. 

No publication has so far managed to verify the events behind the alleged death bodies, nor their timeline. But together, they painted a bleak picture of what has been happening inside the Zhengzhou facility. These also contrasted the officially released footage of happy employees who were more than fine working under the closed-loop system.

A worker who resigned this week told the South China Morning Post that releases from official media did not demonstrate the situation.

The person said via phone, “If you don’t show up at work, you are not entitled to food or testing.”
Reuters on October 31 reported from a source that Apple’s iPhone output is expected to reduce by 30% due to COVID restrictions in China.

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