While Guangzhou city faces blood rains, Guangdong Province has suffered record rainfalls not seen for 10 years.

A video on the Internet shows blood rain in Guangzhou city, Guangdong Province, on June 12.

A netizen said it’s the strangest weather phenomenon of the century.

Moreover, the province faces a critical period of torrential rain with constant rainfall in many places. Chinese called this period or “Dragon Boat Water.”

According to the official Weibo account of “Guangdong Weather,” the historical average rainfall in Guangdong was 324.4 mm (over 12.5”). In the past ten years, the maximum historical level was recorded in 2019 at 383.7 mm (just over 15”).

From May 21 to June 15, the average cumulative precipitation in Guangdong has reached 404.5 mm (almost 16”), indicating that the province has been facing the most significant rainfall for the past decade.

As of 15:42 on June 15, the rainstorm warning has been expanded. Forty-six rainstorm warnings and 30 thunderstorms, and strong wind alerts have been notified across the province.

Guangzhou also faces the same pattern. Forecasts say the cumulative rainfall in the city from May to June could reach a maximum of 824.8 mm (almost 32.5”). This figure is the highest in the past five years compared to the same period.

The local meteorological agency predicts that the impact of “Dragon Boat Water” on the province will weaken around the middle of next week. However, a lot of rain is expected over this weekend.

Guangzhou Weather predicts the heavy rain will continue to hit the city in the seven subsequent days.

Dragon Boat Water usually takes place before and after the Dragon Boat Festival in South China. There is often continuous and large-scale heavy rainfall.

In Chinese traditional culture, rain and dragon are linked. This period coincides with the Dragon Boat Festival, so people call this “Dragon Boat Water.”

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