On September 13, a blood-red moon suddenly appeared in Shenyang, scaring those who witnessed it. As it is popularly associated with the disaster, some people wondered if it was a warning sign due to recent events in the area: strange explosions at the military airport in the northern theater; and lockdowns due to the pandemic outbreak. 

One Shenyang woman who filmed a video said she suddenly saw a blood moon appear in the sky. She was taken aback and shouted in the video: “Scared to death, red thief!”

A blood moon is a superlative astronomical wonder at the moment of a total lunar eclipse. Early Chinese culture referred to the Blood Moon as a type of lunar change in astronomical phenomena.

Ancient Chinese Yi Ching regarded the blood moon as an ominous sign of disaster, especially a military disaster and drought.

Just a few days ago, many strange things happened in Shenyang.

The video shows that starting at 2 a.m. on September 7, the roar of fighter jets flying, the sound of gunfire and some explosions, accompanied by flashes, could be heard at the northern theater military airport located in Tiexi district in Shenyang. Some netizens speculated that it could be the military northern theater firing.

Another video showed that at about 2 a.m on September 8, there was another roar of fighter jets passing over Tiexi District. A flash accompanied a loud explosion.

According to reports by the state media, on September 14, two negative nucleic acid test results were in Tiexi District. As a result, Tiexi District was immediately put under control.

Since September 4, Tiexi District, Shenyang City, has implemented closed static management or lockdown in some areas. The Tiexi District Pandemic Command issued a notice saying that residents must stay at home except for nucleic acid testing and collecting daily supplies following the organization of the designated zone. The report also said that public security agencies will severely crack down on people who refuse to implement relevant regulations during the pandemic prevention and control period or refuse to accept prevention and control measures such as lockdown, nucleic acid testing, and isolation.One video shows on September 14 how fences were set up in some residential areas in Tiexi District, Shenyang. Also, many pandemic prevention staff were present to seal residential areas.

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