The third-generation leader of China, Jiang Zemin, passed away at 12:13 a.m. in Shanghai at the age of 96. He died of leukemia and multiple organ failure.

His death has come as football fans in the world, in general, and China, in particular, are enjoying the 2022 World Cup.

However, Liberty Times reported on December 1 that CCTV had changed the screen to black and white to pay tribute to the nation’s former leader. This move has affected people watching the World Cup soccer matches. Some complain that they cannot watch the game, while others get angry at this invasive condolence.

A digital creator, Xiao Yingdeng, posted a screenshot of an unknown user’s tweet on Facebook. It showed a black-and-white photo of the World Cup broadcast. He wrote, “CCTV, you’re insane! How can people watch football?”

He added that right after Jiang’s death announcement, the World Cup broadcast in China immediately became black and white. TV viewers couldn’t distinguish the teams by color.

A citizen comments that it felt like people were replaying classic matches in the past.

Another highlighted that is a kind of retro style, and wondered whether it was also black and white in the earliest days of television.

One told a joke that at least people can recognize soccer.

Some others joked, “You should be grateful to have a chance to watch. They used to ban all kinds of entertainment during the national mourning.”

Linking this situation to the “blank white paper” movement, one citizen stated, “If you have the chance to watch, just enjoy it since there are a lot of people on the street with white paper.” In other words, people are fighting for their own and your freedom.

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