U.S. President Joe Biden on Thursday, March 24, said that China knows its economic future is tied to the West.

At a press conference in Brussels, he said, “I think that China understands that its economic future is much more closely tied to the West than it is to Russia. I’m hopeful that he [Xi] does not get engaged.”

According to Reuters, Biden told reporters, “I made no threats but I made it clear to him – made sure he understood the consequences of helping Russia.”

He said he reminded Xi of the number of American and foreign corporations that left Russia to exemplify what might be in store for China if it chooses to provide Russia aid.

Last week, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson also said to Beijing that supporting Russia’s attack could be equivalent to picking the wrong side in the Second World War. He said China and other neutral countries needed to ‘get off the fence’ and condemn Russia.

According to the German Marshall Fund, “Beijing’s burgeoning partnership with Moscow, and its sympathy for the Russian position, inevitably faced a collision between the desire to keep its European ties in decent order and the complications of dealing with secondary sanctions.”

Bonnie Glaser, director of the Asia Program at the German Marshall Fund of the United States, said, “China continues to have hope that it can have a somewhat normal relationship with the West.”

She added, “It continues to rely on Western countries for all sorts of technology, and whether we’re talking about collaborative research or people-to-people exchanges, China does not want to have all that cut off and be seen as in the same camp as Russia.”

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