The Ukraine crisis is the main issue of international concern. Recently, some Chinese citizens have reportedly left and traveled to neighboring countries in Ukraine.

At a press conference of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Feb. 28, in response to the evacuation plan, Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said that the current situation in Ukraine is complicated and volatile. He solemnly reminded Chinese citizens in Ukraine to pay close attention to the situation in their location and take all safety precautions to avoid accidents.

However, at a regular press conference on March 1, Wang Wenbin said, “At present, Chinese citizens in Ukraine are heading to neighboring countries of Ukraine in various ways. In this process, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Chinese Embassy in Ukraine, the Chinese Consulate General in Odessa, and embassies in Ukraine’s neighboring countries, including Moldova, Slovakia, Romania, and Poland, mobilized all resources and forces possible to provide support and assistance for our compatriots in Ukraine.”

In the middle of February, when the Russian threat was increasing, more than a dozen countries urged their citizens to leave Ukraine.

Not until Feb. 25, the day after Russia launched its invasion, the Chinese Embassy in Ukraine begin asking its nationals if they wanted to be evacuated on a charter flight.

However, according to DW News, on Feb. 27, the Global Times quoted an embassy official in Uzbekistan as saying that the plan to evacuate Chinese nationals by charter flight is challenging to implement at this stage. The strict local air control measures, shelling, and missiles are often encountered in the air, and the consequences will be unimaginable.

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