A video of citizens showing sharp kitchen tools at street vendors secured with strong wire has drawn public attention. These tools include knives and scissors. 

In the video, a man muttered, “I would never have imagined that a kitchen knife could be tied with iron wire.”

The “Qinhuangdao Evening News” reported that Qinhuangdao City has recently launched a campaign on knife control. 

The law enforcement officers locked all kitchen knives and scissors in the restaurants and even food stalls after the “Tangshan-woman case” caused public outrage. 

In an interview with Da Ji Yuan News, Dong Guangping, a current affairs observer, said that this type of control has never happened before. He supposed that it was related to the Beidaihe Conference.

The Beidaihe Conference, known as the “summer summit” to China observers, is where Beijing’s leaders and elders from earlier generations meet for closed-door discussions on major domestic issues. The event was held annually in Beidaihe District, Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province.

Guangping supposed that Beijing had learned from the Tangshan-woman case’s impact and wanted to control public security issues during the Beidaihe meeting. 

This is not the first time that Qinhuangdao has applied knife control. According to Da Ji Yuan’s research, the city imposed similar regulations on all shops along the streets, small restaurants, and butchers during Beidaihe Conference 2018. At that time, even supermarkets’ knives, axes, and sickles were coded and chained. 

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