Beijing authorities have been trying to avoid using phrases like ‘lockdown’ or ‘closed.’ Recently, they have denied the rumors of a lockdown and encouraged people to stay at home. They also tell people not to stock up on food and other supplies.

However, on May 15th, the local authorities reported a new COVID outbreak. Chinese regulators said they would impose the so-called controlled areas. Under this new restriction, residents are allowed to maneuver within their neighborhood. This also means that residential areas will be closed for COVID prevention.

China’s renowned Tsinghua University announced on May 14 that the school would implement COVID restrictions following the latest order from the higher-level department. No one can leave or enter the school campus.

Related topics quickly appeared on Weibo hot search, a popular China media platform. Some netizens broke the news and said other colleges and universities also use this method.

Many Beijing neighborhoods have already been confined to their home. Lingjing Hutong, on the west side of Zhongnanhai in Beijing, was also closed. In the video, a citizen showed that Lingjing Hutong is currently under lockdown. Staff in white hazmat gear came to take citizens away.

In Chaoyang District, some people have to sleep on the road because they cannot return to their homes because of the blockade. In the video, the man said this was his life in Beijing. He and other people had to live on pavements or sleep on the street.

Many Beijing residents have complained that their homes have been monitored and restricted on the Internet. The white hazmat staff gathered outside the residence and began barricading the streets with barbed wire, preventing residents from escaping.

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