The National Health Service said the country had recorded 31,454 COVID cases on Wednesday. Although the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has remained tireless with its lockdown policies, China’s daily number of COVID cases has risen to the highest since the pandemic began.

However, this number is relatively small compared to its massive population of 1.4 billion and the infections at the peak of the pandemic in Western countries.

Massive makeshift hospitals are still being built in droves in many regions throughout China.

As the three-year pandemic milestone approaches, the relentless push for COVID prevention has caused fatigue and resentment among many mainland residents.

Elaine, an office worker in Beijing, said to the French News Hub, AFP, “I’m sick of everything now; there is no one on the street.”

According to AFP, people are increasingly fed up with ambiguous, fickle anti-epidemic regulations and are exhausted because they have no idea how long they could last.

A French ex-pat living in Beijing was unexpectedly locked in her boyfriend’s apartment on Monday morning after staying overnight. An infected resident caused the entire building to be locked down for five days.

The French woman said, “Every time we go to sleep, we’re not sure whether the next morning we’ll be trapped in our own apartment.”

Testing queues in communities continue to stretch around building blocks.

The most densely populated business districts in Chaoyang and Dongcheng were empty.

Employee Wang at Dongcheng noodle shop told AFP that profits had dropped “99%” since restaurants were ordered to serve only takeout.

He said, “We now only make a few hundred yuan through daily deliveries per day. I hope the city reopens soon; otherwise, we won’t be able to recoup the losses.”

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