China is using more closure measures to achieve the target of Zero Covid in Beijing.

Recently, a woman in Beijing repeatedly posted on her Weibo complaining about the extreme anti-epidemic measures the authorities applied against her family.

She used to express a dislike for Fang Fang, a female writer who speaks up in defense of the people in Wuhan. However, she never thought there would be a day she would have to speak out for herself.

In her post on May 26, she said that her parents and two-year-old children with underlying severe diseases were forced to go to an isolation point. However, the formaldehyde in the isolation point was seriously excessive, causing many children to have nosebleeds.

The attention and sympathy of netizens were drawn to her post until they realized she is a middle-class person with a worry-free life. She said in April 2020 that she “hates Fang Fang.”

Earlier, a netizen in Beijing with the nickname “tri colored cats in the alley” also expressed anger at being controlled for a long time. He said there was a lockdown for a month, and the downstairs noodles shop had closed down, so how could people live?

He once told Shanghai citizens that they should trust the country, don’t have to worry about it.

However, when Beijing went through the same situation as Shanghai, he also had to eat his words and express dissatisfaction.

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