A video posted on May 8 shows a fight between citizens and a volunteer at Tianjian Plaza, Daxing District, Beijing.

A man and a woman went for a nucleic acid test without IDs. However, the volunteers refused to do the test.

They argue for a while, and then the volunteer picks up the railing for a fight.

During this time, the volunteer hits the woman on the head, causing her to fall to the ground. She is seen writhing in pain and bleeding.
Seeing the woman fall, the man becomes furious, shouting, “You dare to hit her.”

He grabs the railing with one hand and smashes it angrily at the volunteer.

The two scuffle with each other again.

The injured woman is lying on the ground and bleeding from her head, and someone next to her says to call 120 quickly.

The man is still angry, pointing at the volunteer and saying, “this is not over.”

The footage sparks heated debate among netizens.

Some comment that this is a veritable battle of epidemic prevention.

Another netizen says that many volunteers are homeless, and now they have become temporary workers with a price tag.

One also says if you don’t stop the violence on the spot, how do you know that the volunteer won’t hit the woman a second time?

China’s adherence to the zero-Covid measures and large-scale nucleic acid testing has affected people’s livelihood, the economy, and intensified social conflicts. There are frequent incidents of clashes between epidemic prevention personnel and citizens.

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