A video posted on May 25 shows that a group of police officers is violently suppressing citizens in front of the Chaoyuan Education Commission building in Beijing.

Those citizens are trying to question their application for their children to primary schools.

In the video, a policeman says to 2 women, “Move to the sidewalk, you can’t block the entrance of the Education Commission. Get on the sidewalk, otherwise, you will be dealt with according to the law.”

One of the women tries to argue, and suddenly a policeman says, “You will be summoned according to the law right now!”

Then several police officers come up and forcibly pull the woman away.

A man standing next to the woman tries to save her from being oppressed by the police. However, he fails to do so. As a result, he is also dragged along with the woman by the police. 

A policeman says to a group of people, “You go and talk to the people from the Education Commission. I am maintaining order now.” 

The police then drive everyone to the sidewalk.

There is another woman questioning the police, “who breaks the law?”

“Why do you arrest people that don’t move at all? We are here to express our normal demands. We’ve been standing here for 2 hours and there is still no given answer.”

“I have told you ten times; did you promise me? I have video proof! I tell you the appeal. Why are you ignoring it?’

She finally gets the same result as the previous woman – being forcibly pulled away by the police.

The police and a man standing nearby argue and clash for a while. 

A netizen says that the government should accept the people at any time, but the police say that they will not accept petitioners!

A woman said, “The Education Commission asked us to come. The Education Commission explained it to us here last week. He said that he would give us an answer this week and that if there is any confusion, we can come again.”

The public asked the police to release the arrested people. The police say, “They are now suspected of obstructing the police’s law enforcement and are now under investigation.”

The public asked the police to show the video to everyone, but the police ignore the crowd.

From the beginning to the end, no one from the Education Commission shows up, and there is no reply to petitioners.

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