Beijing will host the six-day China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) 2022. Many people hope that this occasion will maintain the mainland’s economic growth. The Beijing Metro, however, declared that a few metro lines close to the exhibition would be blocked throughout the event.

The Ministry of Commerce and the Beijing Municipal People’s Government are both co-sponsors of CIFTIS. According to the Chinese government, over 400 brands from the Fortune Global 500 are participating this year.

The event will be held in Shougang Park, the Winter Olympics site. 

To welcome the exhibition, the Beijing Metro announced on its Weibo that some entrances near the place would be temporarily closed starting August 23. 

Many Beijingers thought the event’s objectives were pointless. It neither creates convenience in life nor makes the economy more efficient.

Ms. Li, a citizen in Beijing, told a New Tang Dynasty reporter that the trade fair wouldn’t affect people’s lives, but the subway entrance would be closed. There’s nothing they can do about it; they have to bear it. 

Nucleic acid testing also affected people’s willingness to attend. Ms. Li continued saying that local residents couldn’t go anywhere, and big events were prohibited. 

Mr. Long, a former media personality in Beijing, said the meeting would not have a good impact. It only speeds up the withdrawal of foreigners and accelerates the collapse of companies. 

He gave an example: after businessmen came, the authorities restricted their trips or business contacts, destroying their economic plans. The over-control policy of Zero COVID makes it impossible for others to open a business.

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