According to Beijing authorities, the neighborhood within the city has invisible transmission chains, and the situation is critical. They insist on a “dynamic Zero Covid” policy and increased lockdown. One source within the Beijing medical system said the Covid information was confusing; some health officials witnessed many cases in which the test results were mistaken.

Although Beijing Health Commission reported on May 6 that there were 55 new confirmed cases, Xu Hejian, the Beijing Municipal Government’s spokesman, said that the capital’s epidemic prevention and control situation remains challenging. It is necessary to tighten restrictions further.

Until May 11, Beijing declared that primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, and secondary vocational schools would be closed. Meanwhile, Chaoyang District, home to many foreign embassies and a growing central business district where nearly 4 million people live, will shut down on May 5. People will work from home afterward. The VOA Chinese also stated that the Beijing Metro Company closed more than 60 stations to reduce the gathering.

A staff member of the Beijing medical system told Chinese-language media Da Ji Yuan on May 6 that some officials at a press briefing in Beijing were well aware that some persons tested negative but had symptoms, while others tested positive but were asymptomatic. The information is complex, and the official does not know which of their statements are true.

Mr. Li, a resident of Building 38 of Fatoixili Community, Chaoyang District, Beijing, told reporters that there was a case in his building, and this building was closed. Many contacts and suspected people related to the person were taken away from the building. Chaoyang District is the hardest hit.

He added that it is impossible to tell who got COVID, who not. Now everyone is quarantined at home, whether they are positive or negative.

According to official infection figures, this is the worst outbreak since 2020. The outside world has typically questioned if the actual situation is much more severe than reported because the Chinese government has a history of hiding the truth.

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