Among a chorus of threats aimed at Washington over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visit to Taiwan, the CCP has also made moves to vent its anger on the self-ruling island.

On August 2, Taiwan’s official Central News Agency reported that 35 of 107 registered Taiwanese companies in China had their food products temporarily halted. The affected products include crackers, pastries, and noodles.

The ban came out on August 1, when Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan was only an unconfirmed prospect. Among the brands hit are popular snack food producer Kuai Kuai , pastry store chains Kuo Yuan Ye, and Yu Jan Shin.

Kuo Yuan Ye told Reuters about the ban, “We’ve noticed this and are trying to understand more about it.”

CNA Taiwan says cutting imports is a common way for the CCP to retaliate against the island. The CCP previously suspended imports of several types of fruit from Taiwan over alleged pests concerns, prompting the island to seek intervention from the World Trade Organization. The move came amid heightened political pressure from the CCP over reunification.

The Council of Agriculture of Taiwan stated that it would take the necessary action to assist the most recent businesses affected by the sudden ban.
In another development, Chinese internet giant Sina has also temporarily cut service to the island. As CNA Taiwan reported, the online Sina Taiwan platform and Sina Weibo were inaccessible from the island as of August 1. Sina only explained that it was due to an operational plan and gave no further details.

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