NetEase reported on December 13 that many shopping malls in Beijing had recently resumed business. However, one shopping mall suspended operations after being open for only a week.

Xidan Shopping Center reopened on December 7. The mall originally expected to return to normal business status soon.

However, the customer flow remained limited and the mall recognized there was no improvement in its operation.

The screenshot image of the notice shows the mall announcing an operation suspension. It says that a number of factors have affected the decision, such as the increasing number of positive cases and fever cases as well as nucleic acid testing of merchants and shopping mall management, and the average number of merchants in the building has been less than 20% in the past two days. The arrival rate of front-line managers is also less than 15%. The number of customers entering the mall throughout the day is very low.

Consequently, the company decided to halt operations on some floors, and a notice of resumption of business will come later.

It can be clearly seen that the notice was issued on December 12. In other words, the shopping center couldn’t maintain business for one full week.Xidan Shopping Center is situated on Beijing Xidan Commercial Street. It is a time-honored branded department store with a history of around 70 years. Its southern building sells cosmetics, digital products, and clothes, while the northern one mostly offers sports-related products, daily necessities, and healthcare items.

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