On May 12th, some Beijing residential communities announced that residents must stay at home for three days. Rumors have it that Beijing authorities have chosen to implement the lockdown policy for 3 to 7 days.

Following the words, a wave of food snatching erupted in Beijing. Lengthy queues form outside supermarkets. Several shelves were emptied and robbed. Some netizens said that the shopping center was crowded like the Chinese New Year holiday.

Although Xu Hejian, the Beijing Municipal Government spokesperson said on May 12 people no need to panic and stock up on food. The official told people to stay calm.

Despite that, many hurried to stock up on food after what happened in Shanghai. They don’t want to end up like the Shanghai people.

Sui Xin, 41, told AFP that he had gone to the store after reading on social media that the capital’s officials might keep residents at home.

A shopper surnamed Wang also told AFP that everyone couldn’t say for sure whether there would be a lockdown. Still, he felt scared thinking about it.

According to netizens on Weibo, every city, including Shanghai, tells its citizens that they don’t need to grab food. However, those who don’t stock up on food are left starving.

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