According to Chinese state media CCTV, Beijing said at a press conference on April 23 that there had been COVID-19 detections from separate places in the capital.

The Chinese capital detected a total of 20 COVID-positive cases between April 22 and April 23.

Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of the Beijing Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, said, “There were hidden transmissions for a week and the infected people came from different backgrounds and a wide range of activities.”

Pang added that the authority said the infection risks remain high, and the number of cases is likely to climb in the coming days.

According to state media Xinhua News Agency, between 10 pm on April 22 and 4 pm on April 23, Beijing recorded 15 new local confirmed COVID-19 cases. Among them, 12 are from Chaoyang District, 2 cases in Shunyi District, and 1 case in Fangshan District.

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