A promotional film published by Beijing Lingkong Skyxing Technology Co. Ltd., a Chinese commercial aerospace company, was highlighted on the U.S. “Space” website. This corporation stated that this “winged rocket” vehicle could be used for space tourism and high-speed travel. In addition, it would be cheaper and faster than satellite-carrying rockets.

India’s Asia News Agency said that the “Suborbital Travel” promotional video promoted a hypersonic aircraft, known as a “winged rocket.” It can reach a top speed of 7,000 miles per hour (about Mach 9) and fly from Beijing to New York in just one hour.

According to the New York Post, hypersonic aircraft is one of the core contents of China’s high-tech ambitions, and the country will continue to devote a significant amount of money and resources to this industry.

The Indian news outlet Eurasia Times said that China’s disclosure of a rocket-assisted hypersonic aircraft is tied to the country’s hypersonic glide vehicle test last year, which might carry a nuclear bomb.

The mainland’s foreign ministry answered that it was only a routine spacecraft test to the outside world’s suspicions that this was a new hypersonic weapon of the Chinese military.

Asia News Agency commented. If this plane is placed in the suborbital vehicle that has been developed in the United States for many years and has a top speed of Mach 5-15, it is only deemed regular functioning.

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