A video posted on April 27 shows police officers in Beijing smashing a citizen’s door house at 6 a.m. According to Kan Zhongguo news outlet, the incident took place in Chaoyang District. Police from Liulitun police station ordered the residents to be isolated at home without giving any reason.

One of the house owners demanded the police explain the purpose of the self-isolation. She pointed out that she’s a tax-paying citizen, and they’re civil servants. But the police didn’t respond to her request. The woman is less than three months pregnant.

The smashing of the door lasted about half an hour.

After the incident, the local police contacted the male owner of the household by phone and asked him to isolate himself at home.

In response, he said he was negative for the Covid-19 virus. He didn’t even come back from the risk areas. He asked why he had to be isolated.

The police replied that he had to be quarantined at home because he’s negative.

When the man asked how they could restrict people’s freedom with just an order, the police said they’re just following the regulations from the CDC.

But the man pointed out that the police didn’t inform him in advance; instead, they just banged at the door at 6 in the morning.

The police said that it’s the man’s duty to oblige. But when the man asked about what the police’s duty was, the police suddenly cut off the phone.

According to the male owner of the household, he recently returned to Beijing from a business trip to Hangzhou. At the time, Hangzhou was a low-risk area. The man said he had taken the Covid test as the residential community requested. However, after authorities classified Hangzhou as a high-risk area, the Chaoyang district police came banging at his door.

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