Several videos showing many people protesting early on the morning of June 1 went viral on the internet. 

People from Yanjiao, Heibei, going to Beijing for work had been stopped by police at the Baimiao, Beijing checkpoint. The incident triggered a protest, with everyone asking to commute.

According to mainland media, Yanjiao, Sanhe City, Hebei Province, is a small town with thousands of people working in Beijing. It is famous for its proximity to Beijing.

According to people at the scene, the lines of police in Beijing stopped them halfway when they were going to work from Yanjiao without clear reasons. They had to wait at the checkpoint for hours. 

Instead of informing the city people in advance, the government blocked them from going. Others said they had been taking COVID tests daily, and they could not understand why the authorities blocked them, despite negative test results.

Some questioned the reason for not allowing them to enter Beijing, and if the police have documents saying that people aren’t allowed to enter, but didn’t receive any response.

After waiting and chanting to access Beijing, the situation got worse, and clashes between the police and the people broke out. 

In the video, a group of officers pinned a man on the ground, cornering him to block people’s vision. One of them also filmed everyone and dared them to do the same. 

The man was held in a stranglehold when trying to get up. He was finally released after endless voices chanted and yelled at the officers. In the footage, he is sitting on the ground and injured. The legs of his trousers had been torn, and a long, bloody wound could be seen on the left knee.

Finally, the police compromised, and the Sanhe City mayor stated that people could enter Beijing freely without permission. The itinerary code and green code are no longer required. Nucleic acid results took 48 hours to return to Sanhe City, and the detainees were released. 

The public protests have likely achieved results, and this is one of the few times when people received what they wanted by demonstrating.

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