On the night of November 27, the Beijing people gathered in the embassy district to protest the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ‘s zero-COVID policy based on lockdown.

The Straits Times reported that about 50 people gathered on one side of the Liangma River. They held up blank sheets of paper to protest CCP’s policy.

At one point, some protesters chanted, “we want to live, not just survive!” Some other protesters advised to stay calm and not chant slogans to avoid repression when police were patrolling right next to them on both sides of the riverbanks.

At around 10 pm, dozens more protesters gathered on the riverbank, clapping and saying “niubi,” which means “awesome,” to support the protest.

Protesters also lit candles and held flowers to remember the victims of a fire that broke out at an apartment building a few days ago in Xinjiang.

In the fire that happened in Xinjiang, the firefighters were unable to perform their duties because the apartment building was under lockdown following CCP’s zero-COVID policy. Therefore, the fire caused ten deaths and many injuries.

Earlier on November 27, hundreds of students from Tsinghua University in Beijing also protested CCP’s policy on campus. They sang the same songs and held up blank sheets of paper.

Holding up blank sheets of paper or singing the same songs is a way of nonviolent protest created and applied by the Chinese in recent days.

In this way, people can still send a message of protest to the CCP, while the police have no basis to arrest them.

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