Sohu reported on December 13 that Beijing has been suffering a backlog of express deliveries while facing difficulty in recruiting couriers despite pay raises.

Footage shows hundreds of packages piled up. This is the current situation in Beijing. However, the number of couriers available is insufficient to complete parcel delivery and courier companies are experiencing labor shortages.

The normal one-day wage doubled from 200 yuan to 400 yuan ($28 to $57), but express delivery companies are struggling to recruit couriers.

There are reasons for this.

This tiring job offered a low salary compared to a take-away shipper with 1,000 to 1,500 yuan per day ($144 – $215).

One employee responsible for package sorting at a delivery station said that the people at his station are all temporary workers. Although wages increased to 400 yuan without meals, fewer people are willing to do it.

Moreover, it is believed that a large number of couriers in Beijing have fevers.

A netizen reveals that a delivery station for SF Express in Beijing has 50 positive tested couriers out of 60 couriers. In this case, the courier company has to close its door.

Another netizen explained the situation. The courier is positive, and no courier is available. He asked how a courier with a fever, feeling unwell, could deliver the virus door-to-door.

A netizen said that it’s not just Beijing citizens who are being infected at an alarming rate. He used to receive packages, but these days there is not a single one. Nothing can arrive. Several courier companies are all running out of capacity. He can’t imagine what it would be like for the whole society.

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