On Saturday, December 10, the Beijing Health Commission released the COVID cases from the day before. Only the total number of cases for the whole city is announced. The authority no longer releases the data for each district.

On the same day, the topic “Beijing’s pandemic situation report will no longer include data for each district” showed up on Baidu and Weibo’s hot search lists in mainland China. These are two popular Chinese social media. 

This sparked a heated debate among netizens, who questioned the official numbers, saying that it left many positive cases uncounted. 

A netizen said that the authorities are not telling the actual situation. His community hasn’t got rid of trash for a while. He was told that one-third of the houses in the neighborhood had someone with positive cases. It seems strange that there are fewer cases in the latest data released. 

Another netizen said that Beijing is overwhelmed with positive cases. His family has eight people, seven of them got COVID. He questions the authenticity of the data and says that it is meaningless. 

Another netizen said many people are not counted in the released data. More and more of his friends got COVID now. If someone asks the community, they would generally give him a note telling him to wait for self-healing, so there’s no point in looking at the data right now.

Many other netizens said that Beijing residents could not buy medicine now. People dare not to go out as there are so many COVID cases. 

A salesperson at a pharmacy in Chaoyang District, Beijing, told the Chinese language media Da Ji Yuan on Thursday, December 8, that even the Lianhua Qingwen is sold out. 

This is a traditional Chinese medicine used to treat influenza. There are no more medicines for cold symptoms or testing reagents. Everyone is panic buying. 

Dr. Li from Beijing Chaoyang Hospital told the Chinese language media Da Ji Yuan that there weren’t enough doctors and nurses because many of them got infected. There was a severe shortage of staff.

Liu Ping, a woman from Beijing, said that her friend had a fever of 39 degrees Celsius. She went to the hospital to sign up for treatment but couldn’t get in line. She said that it is so hard for ordinary citizens to visit hospitals. The COVID shelter turned her down. Her drugstore doesn’t sell medicine, and she could not buy medicine. 

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