Beijing has only been fully open for a week, but the number of COVID-19 cases has increased rapidly, hospitals and emergency departments have been overwhelmed, there are even rumors that Beijing hospital morgues are full. Another internal report said Beijing would reach the peak of its first wave of mass infections on December 16, becoming one of the earliest cities to peak in the country.

According to China’s official media – Global Times, on December 11, there were 22,000 outpatient visits to fever clinics in Beijing, 16 times more than a week ago. Data for flu cases from December 5 to December 11 showed that at second-level hospitals and above in the city, 19,000 flu cases were being monitored, an increase of over 6 times compared to the previous week. Calls to the emergency number 120 increased sharply, peaking on December 9, with 31,000 calls coming in 24 hours, six times the normal time. According to the report, for Beijing the speed and scope of the spread of the virus is constant.

According to Sound of Hope, now Beijing no longer considers the spread of COVID-19 as a special infectious disease, because they have stopped mass nucleic acid tests and called the large-scale outbreaks flu, and the patients who are currently seeking medical treatment are collectively known as flu cases.

In fact, Beijing has become one of the cities where the virus is spreading the fastest. Beijing will peak on December 16, becoming the third city to peak after Shijiazhuang and Baoding in Hebei province. Of all the people who could have been infected during that first wave 29% have been. The report predicts that the first outbreak in Beijing will end on January 5 and Beijing will be the city where the first outbreak ended first.

According to Sound of Hope, for now, the Beijing seems to think that this rapid spread of the virus as a good thing, relying on the fact that if everyone is infected the pandemic will end. Beijing authorities seem more interested in the quick resumption of work and production as well as the rapid recovery of the economy.

The People’s Daily on December 12 said that when a pandemic occurs at a company, depending on local conditions, they should quarantine quickly, disinfect the pandemic environment, and do not arbitrarily stop work or production.

A photo shared by netizens in Beijing shows the Haidian hospital plastering a notice on the window of the drug preparation room, saying that all pharmacists still have to go to work when infected. 

Currently, the number of elderly people in Beijing dying from infection has increased rapidly.

A netizen who understands the situation said, “Today I saw the obituary of a retired teacher from Tsinghua University. Just in Tsinghua University, almost 10 people have died in the past few days.”

Tsinghua University acted immediately and issued a notice saying it would give special protection to retired professors.

Another Beijing netizen said, that now the morgues of major hospitals in Beijing are full, it is difficult to find an empty spot when an elderly person dies. A Beijing netizen also said, “I heard funeral homes are also full.”

Currently, due to the impact of the pandemic, all couriers in Beijing have been affected. Packages are piling up a because couriers have all been infected.

Beijing fell into silence after being fully opened. According to a video shared by netizens, there were no pedestrians or cars on the streets, no passengers on the subway, no passengers on trains to Beijing, and no customers in shopping malls. However, hospitals, emergency centers, are overloaded, people needing medicine stand in long lines in the cold wind, and stocks of many medicines and medical supplies are gone.

One netizen posted a video and asked, “Is this still the Beijing Railway Station?”

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