Since the beginning of May, Chinese authorities have promoted the so-called “normalized nucleic acid testing” as part of the regime’s Zero-Covid policy. However, in the past 10 days, Chinese police have found 3 fraudulent cases regarding the PCR testing procedure.

On May 29,  Beijing Health Commission reported the fraudulent act of Beijing Zhongtong Lanbo Medical Laboratory.

To save costs and time, the Beijing Zhongtong Lanbo lab used the multi-tube mixing inspection method to test samples. Authorities said such a process might lead to inaccurate test results. The lab also failed to provide the original specimen flow sheets and original paper records of amplification plates. 

Besides that, authorities found the lab’s amplification records on the PCR instrument were incomplete. At some points, amplification documents did not match the self-reported number of tests performed by the laboratory. 

Eight people of this company were arrested, including the legal representative.

Previously on the 27th and 21st, Chinese police reported that Beijing Jinzhun Medical Laboratory and Beijing Pushi Medical Laboratory had conducted the same malpractice.  

Sina Finance reported on May 23 that since the Covid-19 outbreak, China had spent 300 billion yuan (nearly 44.7 billion dollars) for nucleic acid testing.

South China Morning Post cited Tao Chuan, chief macro analyst of Soochow Securities, saying that if all major metropolises in China are normalized nucleic acid testing, the monthly cost will reach about 1.7 trillion yuan (about $250 billion) per year, which is 1.5 percent of China’s nominal GDP in 2021 and 8.7 percent of public revenue.

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