Beijing continues to see a surge in COVID cases in the run-up to China’s 20th Party Congress, which commences on October 16. Anti-COVID measures have been ramped up recently.

The Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that on October 10, Beijing added 13 new local confirmed cases and one asymptomatic infection.

Since September 29, a total of 64 infected people have been reported in Beijing, involving 11 districts in this round of the current outbreaks.

On October 10, iron sheets were erected in some communities in Fengtai District and Yixili. Majuqiao Town in Tongzhou District, and many shops there were closed. With big and small luggage, some residents were about to be taken away to quarantine sites.

Several COVID prevention and control staff, as well as the police, can be seen on Dongyao Village Road, Chaoyang District.

A short video shows that the Happy Homeland in Jinzhanpi Village, Chaoyang District, was temporarily closed at noon on October 10.

In addition, the National Museum of China also temporarily closed starting on October 11 on the grounds of COVID pandemic prevention and control. And the opening time would be announced later.

In a video posted on the Internet, the Quanjude store, a well-known Chinese restaurant known for its Peking roast duck, is reportedly shut down. 

He said that Quanjude is very famous in Beijing. At this time, there should be a lot of people lining up here, but now there was no one.

Not only the Quanjude restaurant but also other shops along the empty street have the same fate. The man who filmed the video couldn’t help sighing.

After China’s National Holiday, the Beijing airport was empty on October 8, with no one in sight.

After the National Day “Golden Week” earlier this month, the country saw an upsurge in COVID cases, the highest since August.

Authorities registered 2,089 new local infections on October 10.

As of October 10, around 196.9 million people in 36 Chinese cities were affected by various lockdowns or control measures.

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