Several clips showing many areas across China growing crops, potatoes on cement floors or even on basketball courts have recently widely circulated on the Internet.

China has long been infamous for fake products or fabricated certificates, now comes the false ‘crops.’

The local authorities have recently built false ‘fields’ as a pretending way to secure farmland acreage according to China’s regulations on farmland.

The local authorities of these areas have hired villagers and security guards to dig soil and lay these types of vegetables, even knowing there are concrete floors below. Several areas covered with tiles are also dug with excavators to make fields.

However, what’s noticeable is these vegetables are half-dead and cannot grow normally.

Chinese netizens initially thought they were doing some scientific experiments before realizing the story behind it.

Document No.1 of the Central government issued in 2021 declares agriculture is a priority and regulates that the country must ensure 1.8 billion mu (120 million hectares) of arable land.

As reported by Inews, growing crops in unusual places is done to cope with the inspection.

The authorities usually conduct several measures to cope with the superior’s inspection. As a result, it creates a deceiving system from town to county, from county to district, before reaching the highest levels.

Sohu reported that among the problems of the lack of arable land, many areas across China have taken out farmland to build factories, mines, and many other types of construction to seek interests. Several real estate projects of huge magnitude have ended up with unfinished buildings.

According to Inews, long-term intensive management has caused the soil to become shallower and declined yields. At the same time, 14.5% of the soil is severely acidified, and 16% is polluted by heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury, and arsenic.

Their concealing stories can’t be uncovered without the reports from their own residents.

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