On December 17, the daughter of a COVID patient cried and complained about the process of trying to get help for her sick father. She took her father to three hospitals in one day in an attempt to get treatment; Chaoyang Hospital, Huaxin Hospital, and Minhang Hospital, and sadly, her father passed away.

In a self-recorded video, the girl said that the first hospital she took her father to was Chaoyang Hospital, but because he would have to wait 4 hours for intravenous fluids, she then took her father to Huaxin Hospital, where there were six elderly people who died while her father was receiving intravenous fluids; Finally, she went to Minhang Hospital, and the doctor there said: “(The hospital) has run out of oxygen tanks, we don’t accept severe symptoms, because there are no beds. This is a serious case! Go to Chaoyang Hospital, as there are a lot of dead people there. Maybe there will be an empty bed for your father.”

Desperate by then, the girl cried: “I want to save my father, but I have no chance!” (Second video)

Another girl also shared her experience. In the video, she said you need to line up for 3-4 hours to see a doctor, and a COVID positive doctor will treat a positive patient. After meeting the doctor, they will give you a box of Lianhua Qingwen Capsules (a common medicine for COVID-19 treatment in China), and they will not give you any other medication.

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