The Covid-19 epidemic reemerged in Beijing as China’s capital detected a clustered outbreak.

Mainland Chinese media reported on July 5 that nine people tested positive for Covid-19. These cases affect three districts, including Yanqing, Tongzhou, and Shunyi.

In response to the new situation in Beijing, many communities issued urgent notices to lock down buildings.

As The Quint World reported, Beijing officials also urged transport hubs and hotels to maintain strict control measures like checking the body temperature and negative test results of visitors.

According to SecretChina, the first infection was found by nucleic acid testing on July 4. This person returned to China on June 15 and completed a 14-day centralized quarantine outside Beijing. On July 1, he took a flight to return to Beijing and lived in the Commune Hotel at the foot of the Great Wall in the Yanqing District. 

The man took a nucleic acid test on July 3 and got the result on July 4. 

Among the other six new cases, one person lives in Tongzhou District. The others are located in Yanqing District. They are all employees of the hotel in Yanqing.

In addition, two other positive cases were found in Shunyi District on July 5. They were related to the cases mentioned above in Yanqing District. On July 1, the two stayed at the Commune Hotel in Yanqing District and left the place on July 3. They are now quarantined at home.

Yanqing District has determined nearly 500 contacts involving the infected cases. Therefore, the district decided to conduct door-to-door nucleic acid testing for all at-risk residents and carry out nucleic acid testing of all people in Rulin Street, Kangzhuang Town, and Badaling Town involved in the risk points for three consecutive days.

On July 5, many communities in Fengtai District also issued urgent notices of temporary lockdown.

On July 4, Anhui Province also found nine new positive infections.

China’s National Health Commission announced on its official website that there were 141 new cases of confirmed Covid infections in the country on July 5.

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